Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sustainability in Art: From Find to Finish, Collecting and Cutting Petrified Ice Age Animal Bone

Spring rains provide new opportunities for unique rock discoveries. 

Recently exposed rock bar

Petrified Ice Age Animal Bone is extremely rare in West Central Illinois.
A small fragment from an ancient unknown species.

Beautifully patinated outer surface of Petrified Bone fragment

Side view with exposed petrified marrow cavity.

It's difficult to determine the age of bone without c14 carbon dating
and identifying the species type is impossible due to it's size.
Patinated bone outer surface.

Achieving a clean cut and polish can sometimes be difficult due to the porous nature of the marrow cavity.

Putting the Cab King through it's paces

I wanted the finished piece to look ancient, paying tribute to the prehistoric people
who lived here on the landscape thousands of years ago.
I chose the traditional tube shape to show off the beautiful grain and patination. 

Reverse side.

-Steve Tieken


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