Saturday, January 3, 2015

Sustainability in Art: Born of the Earth, Creating with Natural Clay and Pigments

From the Earth we were Fashioned
To the Earth we will Return

Due to it's rich clay deposits, West Central Illinois has a long history of ceramic production dating back over three thousand years. The first pottery to appear in the archaeological record was created by the Early Woodland Marion culture around 1,000 BCE.

Naturally exposed laminated clay deposits

Processed clay from above deposit with hand collected
yellow ochre (limonite) and red ochre (hematite) paint pigments

Ceramic Ceremonial Tripod Vessel with Decorated Ceramic Marble Offerings
by Steve Tieken and Wanaree Tanner
Formed with clay collected from above source with hand prepared mineral pigments

"Cosmic Fire Serpent" by Steve Tieken
Ceramic bead necklace created using clay from above source with natural mineral pigments
-Steve Tieken

2015 © tanner/tieken

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