Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sustainability in Art.

"Big Chunky" by Steve Tieken

With over 150 hours of grinding, polishing and drilling, "Big Chunky" is my homage to the ancient Meso-American stone bead makers and the flamboyant ceremonial jewelry they created. Each stone was hand collected from places near and dear to my heart.

"Air & Sky Spirit Vessel" by Steve Tieken

Long before the discovery and use of pottery, gourds were fashioned by ancient man into a variety of utilitarian and ceremonial objects such as cups, bowls and dippers. I approached our new devotional gourd fetish bowl collection with total sustainability in mind. Please visit our shop page Sustainable Stones to view the complete collection and for a list and description of all materials used in the construction.

-Steve Tieken

copyright • 2014 Tanner/Tieken all right reserved

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